Earn ThinkPoints. Fund Research.

ThinkPoints are a great way to help fund research and to support patient groups for a genetic disease that is important to you. By using our site you accumulate ThinkPoints that can be donated to a charity.

Who Benefits?

There are over 1,200 disease specific advocacy organizations that are eligible to become a ThinkGenetic advocacy partner. By donating your points to one of these organizations you help the development of new drugs, improve the quality of life for those with the disease, and ultimately, help to find a cure.

How To Earn ThinkPoints

Registered users of ThinkGenetic earn ThinkPoints for performing various activities. Look for the ThinkPoints icon on the site for the following actions that earn points.

Look for ThinkPoint logos like this throughout the site. They mark activities that earn ThinkPoints.

Activity Points Limit
Create a profile 50/once 50
Provide feedback to ThinkGenetic 20/feedback 100/mo
Share on social media 25/share 125/day

Points accumulate until the user assigns them to a genetic disease advocacy partner of their choice. The more you do the more points you get! Visit ThinkGenetic Help for more details on ThinkPoints.

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