Wilson disease


How can I donate to organizations that support Wilson disease?

There are several organizations which help support those living with Wilson disease. For an organization dedicated to Wilson disease, one option is to support the Wilson Disease Association at https://www.wilsonsdisease.org/ways-you-can-help/donate.

Other organizations include the American Liver Foundation or the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease. Both organizations accept donations.

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Are there good support groups for Wilson's disease?

Are there good support groups for Wilson's disease?

Organizations that provide support for individuals and families affected by Wilson disease include:

Wilson's Disease Association (WDA)

5572 North Diversey Boulevard

Milwaukee WI 53217

Phone: 866-961-0533 (toll-free); 414-961-0533

Email: info@wilsonsdisease.org

Website: www.wilsonsdisease.org

American Liver Foundation

75 Maiden Lane

Suite 603

New York NY 10038

Phone: 800-465-4837 (Toll-free HelpLine); 212-668-1000

Fax: 212-483-8179

Email: info@liverfoundation.org

Website: www.liverfoundation.org

To connect with other individuals with Wilson disease, please refer to the Wilson Disease Facebook page.


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