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Is there a SYNGAP1 meeting?

The First SYNGAP1 International Conference will take place from November 30,2016 to December 1, 2016 in Houston Texas. The goal of the conference is helping patient families, doctors and researchers work together in order to decrease the time to find and test possible treatments for SYNGAP1. For more information on the conference and to register, visit the SYNGAP1 International Conference webpage

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What is the difference between having autism and having SYNGAP1?

What is the difference between having autism and having SYNGAP1?

Autism, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and related communication/social interaction issues are frequently seen in SYNGAP1 and are caused by changes or mutations in the SYNGAP1 gene. However, in addition to ASD, children with SYNGAP1 may also have mild-to-moderate intellectual disability, recurrent seizures (epilepsy), attention deficit disorders, and other mood disorders.

When a child has a diagnosis of SYNGAP1, they still have a diagnosis of autism. Autism is a behavior diagnosis and SYNGAP1 is a genetic diagnosis. Being diagnosed with SYNGAP1 does not take away the autism diagnosis or the benefit of therapies such as behavioral therapy or early intervention. A diagnosis of SYNGAP1 does explain the cause for ASD in that child and allows doctors and parents to watch for other medical issues that may need treatment too.


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