Sandhoff disease


What are the most common symptoms of Sandhoff disease?

The main symptoms of Sandhoff disease are muscle weakness that starts around 3 to 6 months old. Over time, the muscle weakness gets worse and eventually the babies might not be able to move by themselves. These babies might also have a very strong startle response. A very common symptom of Sandhoff disease is a "cherry-red spot" that can be found when an eye exam is done. Other common symptoms of Sandhoff disease are seizures, loss of sight and heart, intellectual disability, and paralysis. People can learn more about the common symptoms of Sandhoff disease by visiting the Genetics Home Reference website on Sandhoff disease or by talking to a genetic counselor. A genetic counselor can be found through the "Find a Genetic Counselor" link on the National Society of Genetic Counselors website.

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