Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI

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What sort of management for heart problems is available for people with Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI?

Heart problems are common in people who have Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI, but may not be present until later in life. The most common heart problems that people with Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI have are weak heart muscle (cardiomyopathy), stiff heart muscle (endocardiofibroelastosis), and a blockage or a leakage in a heart valve. Some people may need to take medications or have surgery to help with their heart problems, while other people may need to just be monitored by their cardiologist every year or so with a test called an echocardiogram. It is helpful to be followed by a cardiologist that knows about Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI or to give information to your doctor about the type of heart problems people with this condition can have.

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