Hirschsprung disease


Are there earlier onset, later onset, or variant forms of Hirschsprung Disease?

There are two forms of Hirschsprung disease: long-segment and short-segment. About 80% of Hirschsprung disease cases are short-segment and only affect a small part of the colon that connects to the rectum. Long-segment Hirschsprung disease can have worse symptoms because it can affect most of the colon. The colon, or large intestine, is the last part of the digestive system that transports digested food and liquid from the small intestine to the rectum. About 85-90% of people with Hirschsprung disease are diagnosed in infancy, but it can develop later in childhood less frequently in adulthood. To learn more about the different forms of Hirschsprung disease speak with your physician about symptoms and treatments for Hirschsprung disease affecting part or all of the colon.

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