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What is my risk of having another baby with Hirschsprung Disease if I've already had a child with Hirschsprung Disease?

The risk of having another baby with Hirschsprung disease after already having had one child with Hirschsprung disease depends on the cause. If a dominantly inherited gene is the cause, then there is a 50% chance of passing it on to each child conceived. If a recessive gene is the cause, then a person and their partner have a 25% chance of passing Hirschsprung disease to each child. Genes are made of DNA and are instructions to make proteins and molecules inside the cells that make up the body.

If Hirschsprung disease is sporadic or syndromic, check with your genetics team on the risk of having another child with Hirschsprung disease. If the cause is unclear, then the risk of the next child having Hirschsprung disease is increased from the general population. Check with your healthcare team to find out your individual risk.

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