Gaucher disease


Is the NGF the only Gaucher support group?

In the United States, The National Gaucher Foundation Inc., a ThinkGenetic Advocacy Partner, and the Gaucher Community Alliance offer several different ways to connect with others living with Gaucher disease. There are programs like the Gaucher mentor program, an online Gaucher chat support, and Gaucher patient registry that can help individuals with Gaucher disease to connect with one another.

Visit these groups to find resources nearest to you.

Many countries around the globe provide a patient organization to help meet your needs. In the browser, type in Gaucher advocacy to find a program.

  • National Gaucher Foundation Inc. [Internet] [updated 2016]. Available from:
  • Gaucher Community Alliance
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Where is the best info on Gaucher?

Where is the best info on Gaucher?

National Gaucher Foundation (NGF)

5410 Edson Lane

Suite 220

Rockville, Maryland 20852

Phone: 800-504-3189 (toll-free)


Gaucher Community Alliance

Phone: 504-782-2057 |


The Gauchers Association Ltd

Evesham House Business Centre

48/52 Silver Street

Dursley Gloucestershire GL11 4ND

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1453 549231


Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders

Ben Gurion Way

30 South Wells Street

Chicago IL 60606

Phone: 312-357-4718


As Gaucher disease is the most common Jewish genetic disorder, information about Gaucher disease can also be found at Jewish organizations.

  • National Gaucher Foundation
  • Gaucher Community Alliance

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