Familial hypospadias


What type of doctor will be needed to diagnose and treat hypospadias?

Hypospadias is usually diagnosed by a child's pediatrician or family care doctor shortly after birth during a physical exam. After hypospadias has been diagnosed, the child should be referred to a pediatric urologist to assess the defect and develop a treatment plan.

  • http://www.urologyhealth.org/find-a-urologist
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Where can I find a pediatric urologist to treat hypospadias?

Where can I find a pediatric urologist to treat hypospadias?

Pediatric urologists can be found in almost any city. You can ask your child's primary care doctor for a referral, or you can visit the American Urology Association's national website at http://www.urologyhealth.org/find-a-urologist to find a urologist near you.

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