Fabry disease


What do I do if I think I am depressed, anxious, or having panic attacks due to Fabry disease?

Please seek help if you think you are depressed, anxious or having panic attacks. Help can be found from your physicians and your family. Remember that depression and anxiety can make some people feel like giving up. It is important to realize that these negative views are part of the disease and may not accurately reflect the actual circumstances. Studies have shown that treatment for Fabry disease does improve quality of life as well as physical health and combining Fabry specific therapy with psychology care can help improve aspects of life. Some Fabry centers have psychologists skilled in evaluating or treating Fabry related depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Additional information about support groups and strategies for coping with the day-to-day challenges of living with Fabry disease can be found on the Fabry Community online resource.

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