Fabry disease


How does Fabry disease affect the lungs?

Much like other body systems, Fabry disease can also affect the lungs. This means it is best for people with Fabry disease to avoid smoking cigarettes, pipes, or other inhaled tobacco products. To watch for any lung problems, it is important to have pulmonary function tests every couple years and be treated if any signs of breathing issues occur. Sometimes in adulthood, people with Fabry disease can have issues with shortness of breath that is more like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than asthma. Of course, there are many causes of shortness of breath, so if you have Fabry disease and difficulty breathing it is good to have an evaluation with a lung doctor or pulmonologist. Please talk to your Fabry doctor or genetic counselor for more information about how to protect your lungs with Fabry disease.

Emory University Fact Sheet, Updated 8/20/2015

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