Fabry disease


Where is the Fabry Center in Georgia?

The Emory Fabry and Lysosomal Storage Disease Center (Emory LSDC)and Emory Genetic Clinic Trials Center (Emory GCTC) in Atlanta, Georgia provide diagnostic, evaluation, management, research, and treatment services for Fabry patients from all over the Southeastern United States. The Emory LSDC is devoted to remaining on the cutting edge of research and treatment providing comprehensive and compassionate care for all of our patients affected by Fabry disease. The Emory GCTC is dedicating to compassionately working with Fabry patients to provide access to innovative clinical studies in Fabry disease across the United States. To schedule an appointment or speak with a member of Emory Fabry team, call 404-778-8518 or 800-200-1524 or email Dawn Laney, MS at dawn.laney@emory.edu. You can also visit the Emory LSDC website or Emory GCTC for more information.

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