Chromosome 1p36 deletion syndrome


How is chromosome 1p36 microdeletion syndrome treated?

There is no cure for chromosome 1p36 microdeletion syndrome. Treatment is based on which symptoms a patient has. Special learning programs are useful to help with mental delays. Affected individuals may need to learn sign language to communicate. They may need physical therapy to help with motor skills. Some people need medications for seizures. People with this disorder can have problems eating and may need special equipment to help them eat. Medications and surgery may be needed if there are heart problems. Hearing aids may be needed for hearing loss. Other physical problems will need standard treatments if they develop. Symptoms vary for affected people, so not everyone will need the same treatments. A medical geneticist can help to arrange the right treatments. A medical geneticist can be found by asking your doctor for a referral or looking on the American College of Medical Geneticists website .

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