Canavan disease

Diagnosis and Testing

How do I get tested for Canavan disease?

Testing for Canavan disease is typically ordered by a geneticist and genetic counselor after seeing them for an appointment. A clinic appointment typically involves a complete review of the patient's medical history, a three generation family history that documents health problems and genetic conditions, a detailed physical examination, discussion of recommended testing, and consent for testing if the patient/guardian is interested. Sometimes this happens in one clinic visit, and sometimes this happens over the span of a few clinic visits. Each clinic is different. In terms of insurance, sometimes the clinic checks with your insurance, and sometimes it is your responsibility to call your insurance. As stated earlier, each clinic operates differently. If testing is pursued, a blood sample and signed paperwork is sent to a laboratory that performs the testing. Results are then sent back to the geneticist and genetic counselor who contact the patient/guardian with results.

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