BRCA1, familial breast-ovarian cancer susceptibility 1

Diagnosis and Testing

Is there a screening tool that helps identify people who may have a strong genetic (hereditary) risk for breast and ovarian cancer due to their family history and should be referred for genetic counseling.

Cancer genetic counseling services are for both women and men who have concerns about their personal and/or family histories of cancer. Cancer genetic counseling is performed by specially trained healthcare providers who have knowledge in genetics, cancer, counseling, and hereditary cancer syndromes. These healthcare providers may be genetic counselors, doctors, genetics clinical nurses, or other healthcare professionals with formal training in genetics. The information from genetic counseling can help people at risk and their family members lower their risk for cancer and/or help detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage.

One online tool that can help someone find out if they should have genetic counseling is called the Breast Cancer Genetics Referral Screening Tool (B-RST™). B-RST™ was developed by a genetic counselor to help identify people who have a strong genetic (hereditary) risk for breast and/or ovarian cancer and would benefit from genetic counseling. Another online tool, called assessyourrisk™, was development by Bright Pink. Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

There are also several laboratory-sponsored tools available to determine if counseling and genetic testing may be appropriate. Some examples are:

SOURCE: Emory University - Department of Human Genetics in collaboration with ThinkGenetic • • DATE UPDATED: 2019-07-09


Breast Cancer Genetics Referral Screening tool (B-RST™)

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Myraid Genetic hereditary cancer tool.

assessyourrisk™ by Bright Pink,

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