Angelman syndrome


Does anything, like environmental factors, make Angelman syndrome worse?

Unlike conditions such as autism, which are thought to be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors, Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by the loss of function of a gene called UBE3A. Although the type of genetic change that causes UBE3A to not work have been correlated with mild differences in severity, there is no indication that environment plays a role in the severity of the major features of Angelman syndrome.

Some of the other medical conditions that are seen in individuals with Angelman syndrome, such as hyperactivity, hyperlocomotion, seizures, and sleep disorders may benefit from changes to the person's physical and social environment to ensure maximum developmental ability, safety, and well-being. For suggestions on various types of therapies that have been used for individuals with Angelman syndrome, refer to the Therapy Services page of The Angelman Network.[/link]

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