How do I find an expert, experienced doctor or team who takes care of alpha-thalassemia?

The US Center of Disease Control has listed several treatment centers for thalassemia through the country: CDC thalassemia centers

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What specialist doctors should I see with alpha-thalassemia?

What specialist doctors should I see with alpha-thalassemia?

Genetics professional, such as a geneticist or genetic counselor, can coordinate testing, interpret results, and provide information about treatment and risk to other family members. Genetic counselors can refer their patients with alpha-thalassemia to the appropriate specialists and for appropriate testing. Hematologists specialize in blood disorders and can watch for blood and organ health. Other specialists may be necessary if complications arise, such as in internal medicine specialist if problems with the spleen, liver or gallbladder occur. A maternal fetal medicine specialist should be consulted for women who are pregnant with an affected fetus and also for affected women who are pregnant due to potential complications. A dietician can help you maintain a healthy diet that provides you with the appropriate nutrients and avoids iron overload, which can occur in people with alpha-thalassemia.

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