Alagille syndrome


Is there a treatment(s) for Alagille syndrome?

There is no cure for Alagille syndrome. However, the different symptoms of Alagille syndrome can be treated as best as possible in each patient.

  • Liver symptoms may be treated with medicines or surgery to make the liver work better. A liver transplant might be needed in those with severe liver problems.
  • Heart symptoms treated and monitored by a cardiologist, and treatment depends on the type of symptoms. Some patients may require medicines, surgery or a heart transplant.
  • Kidney symptoms are treated by a nephrologist based on the type of symptoms.
  • Eye symptoms rarely need any treatment.
  • Butterfly-shaped vertebrae rarely need any treatment.
  • Growth and developmental delays can be partly treated by making sure the child is eating nutritious food and getting enough fat-soluble vitamins

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