Adamtsl4-related eye disorders


Is there a treatment(s) for ADAMTSL4-related eye disorders?

Treatment for ADAMTSL4-related eye disorders depends on the symptoms the person is having. In children, the main goal of treatment is to prevent amblyopia (or "lazy eye"), where the brain favors one eye over the other. This can be done by giving the child glasses or by putting a patch over the "stronger" eye to help the "lazy" eye work better. Surgeries can be performed if there are problems with the lens, iris (colored part of the eye), or retina (part of the eye that sends signals to the brain). If there is high pressure in the eye, medicine can be given to lower it.

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How often should I see my doctor if I have and ADAMTSL4-related eye disorder?

How often should I see my doctor if I have and ADAMTSL4-related eye disorder?

Once the diagnosis of ADAMTSL4-related eye disease is made, you eye doctor will recommend and appropriate schedule for visits based on the symptoms that you are having. This may be once a year or several times a year depending on the issues that you are experiencing. This helps your doctor make sure your vision and eye health is not getting worse and to treat you quickly if a problem comes up. In general, children need more frequent visits to the doctors than adults with ADAMTSL4-related eye disorders.

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