About Us

ThinkGenetic locates individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed genetic diseases using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Co-founded by a patient advocate and a genetic counselor, we know firsthand that people can wait a long time to receive a genetic diagnosis. People also have the power within themselves to shorten this diagnostic odyssey. ThinkGenetic helps individuals harness this power by offering trustworthy information to guide them to the help they need, faster. Undiagnosed individuals, patients, and families are our focus and this sets us apart.

In addition to crafting and implementing our innovative genetics solutions, ThinkGenetic, Inc also funds a small number of grant projects that align with ThinkGenetic's mission. All grant recipients are non-profits in the United States with no more than 10% of grant funds to be used for Indirect costs. Interested applicants should email advocacy@thinkgenetic.com for additional information.

ThinkGenetic Leadership Team

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Board of Directors

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Board of Advisors

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